Indoor generators are backup or uninterruptable power supply systems that use battery produced alternating current to instantly backup your important electrical circuits like computers, lights and appliances in the event of a loss of grid power. Using a transfer switch, the changeover is nearly instant and the power produced is silent. No noisy gasoline, diesel or propane engines required.

The indoor generator comes charged and ready to operate. The backup energy is stored in a bank of batteries, and available for immediate and easy use when you need it. Everything plugged into the unit's outlets will be powered if you lose grid power. Larger indoor generators can be connected to your home load center (breaker box) to handle essential circuits through your existing wiring and outlets.


06UPS2000 Server Unit

M.S.R.P      $3,800.00

03IT/SP1500 (Sump Pump Unit)

M.S.R.P    $2,000.00

For home backup energy, indoor generators can be as large or small as you need to meet your requirements. You can avoid the unpleasant experiences of power surges, spikes and ever increasing extended outages. Our larger systems can be designed to meet your power needs during power failures and can take advantage of multiple recharge options including charging from the grid, from solar or wind energy or from a conventional generator.

We used to be able to assume that power outages are a rare event. The truth is that in 2008 the majority of grid failures were caused by faulty equipment, human error and judgment or animals, not major disasters. More recently global warming is driving more frequent and intense storms that have had widespread disastrous consequences leaving millions of homes at a time without power. A battery backup system will keep you and your loved ones prepared and safe should the power fail.

Custom indoor generators are designed for people with specific needs such as cabinet enclosures to match existing furniture and decor, the need to fit into an existing space or providing more power than typical systems. We can meet your requirements.

Indoor generators can also be used in Home Owners Associations, condos, hi-rises or other locations where gas or diesel generators are not allowed or are unsafe to use. There is nothing to tamper with or pilfer because your indoor generator is inside your living space.

• Modified Sine Wave
• Instant/ automatic transfer of power
• Available in Wood (light or cherry) or aluminum (black/white.)

Maximum Continuous Output 5000 Watts

M.S.R.P      $6800.00

Max Continuous Output 8000 Watts

M.S.R.P      $14,000.00

Protect your business assets, productivity and improve your bottom line. Indoor generators are available for single computer workstations, multiple PCs and other business equipment, point-of-sale equipment, small or large network systems, server farms. Keep the lights on and your business operating when your competitors cannot.

Protect yourself against grid surges and outages damaging your valuable equipment, data loss or corruption, disrupted IT operations, rescheduling and canceling appointments, subsequent financial loses and potential liabilities.

In professions that require back-up power for certification or insurance reasons, meet insurance company, accrediting agency, state or local requirements at a competitive price.
Indoor generators are also ideal for powering off site equipment like work trailers, field office trailers and temporary facilities where grid quality power is needed for limited durations. Don't wait for the power pole!

Indoor Generator Features and Options

•24 / 7 /365 Protection Emergency Power
•No gas, noise, fumes, no flammable fuels or carbon monoxide risks
•Simple plug-and-use installation, no complicated wiring for basic systems
•Power status display
•Low-battery alarm with Internet and cellular notification options
•Automatically recharges from available multiple power sources
•Match existing office furniture – custom industrial enclosures also available.
•Manufactured in durable, easy to clean materials.
•Instant transfer (26/1000 of a second)
•Pure sine wave (20% cleaner than the best utility power)
•Monitor UPS via internet
•Programmable control options available
•CE, ETL, NEMA and UL Rating
•All-in-one units – transformer, charger, inverter, & transfer switch

750 Watts 8 hrs.

M.S.R.P      $1,450.00