Urban Green Energy Turbines

Focusing on alternative energy and innovation, today UGE is the world’s premier manufacturer of distributed wind and hybrid renewable energy solutions. With installations around the world performed by UGE’s Partner Network.



ViewUGE is a remote monitoring solution which allows you to log-in, from anywhere in the world, to see how your renewable energy system is doing. You can additionally compare the energy production against a live data feed from your UGE 1st Step weather station, and closely watch as your turbine turns back your energy meter on a windy day!

Multiple Solutions

UGE and One Planet Solar, Inc. offer multiple solutions to offset your energy prices by using Mother Nature. UGE has a wonderful selection of urban turbines such as.
• Residential Vertical Turbines

• Commercial and Institution Wind solutions

• Sustainable Street Lighting

• Telecom Renewable solutions

• Electric Car Charging

Interested in more information?

If you are interested in harvesting clean energy and utilizing the power of Mother Nature call us Toll Free at: 1-877-235-1188
Entering the world of renewable energy can be confusing at times due to the amount of information to grasp in the beginning, thankfully UGE has created a wonderful system to help answer the many questions you may have before you talk to our Urban Energy Technician's.
 Don’t forget to have a look at www.urbangreenenergy.com

Online Monitoring

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